What Apps and Equipment Do I Need to use just-VOIP ?

From Your PC or Laptop

just-voip provides FREE Browser based, Mobile, Softphone and Desktop apps for customers so that they can use their Calling Accounts

Please see the short “How To..” and Tutorial You Tube Videos featured on this page and on the justphone Telecoms Video Channel

just-VOIP Web Browser Apps

The euro Calling Account provides free Browser Apps that can be accessed at any time from any Browser *
So if you are browsing the Internet with a Mobile device the Web Browser Apps can also be accessed in this way. Access details (the URL for the secure Web Browser Apps) are provided to customers with their New VOIP Calling Account email.

just-VOIP Mobile Apps

The euro Calling Account uses Your Dialler – a FREE 4.5 * Rated Smartphone app available on Google Playstore for Android phones and Apple iTunes fpr iPhones.

just-VOIP Softphone or Desktop App

The Desktop app is available with the euro Calling Account and needs to be downloaded one time from the Internet to your non-mobile device – PC or laptop or Tablet etc.

Operating details are explained in these and other Videos available here on the justphone Telecoms Video Channel.

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Where to locate and how to instal the justphone app

Where to locate and how to instal Your Dialler

Third Party DeskTop Software or softphones

The desktop dialler is a piece of software that you download onto your PC from the internet, which allows you to make calls.

Normally, the front looks like a mobile phone and you use your mouse or keyboard to select the numbers for dialling. You also have a phonebook and simple call log for numbers dialled before – and a redial facility.

Different versions can be found through Google Playstore and Apple iTunes but we are not in a position to recommend any particular version: to use software like this you will need to check that it is free and not linked to any provider, so that you may configure it as you wish.

The application shown here is the Desktop App or Softphone used with the just-VOIP euro Calling Account.

justphone desktop app
justphone desktop app
Grandstream ip Phone GXP2170
Grandstream ip Phone GXP2170
Grandstream Handytone ATA
2 Port Handytone ATA


Other devices which use VOIP exclusively – i.e. they need the internet to operate – include SIP phones and ATAs.

A SIP phone looks like a regular handset, but it is connected directly or indirectly to your Router and can be programmed or configured to use our just-voip service.

Modern SIP phones have multiple features which makes them very useful in office environments or working from Home. Prices for a fully featured SIP handset start at about $100 (£80)

An ATA is an Analogue Telephone Adaptor and with this product you can connect conventional telephone handsets – one or more – directly to it: the ATA itself again connects to your Router.

We recommend the hardware products shown – both still highly rated in 2022 – and available in Amazon Stores worldwide.