Apps and Features for just-VOIP Calling Accounts - with helpful Videos

Web Browser App euro

This FREE Web Browser App is a private Web Account Management system (WAM) and allows access with username and password to the just-VOIP euro Calling Account Information and Features.

The Video demonstrates access to the WAM, and then How to Download the Softphone or Desktop App to make Voice Calls through the Internet from your laptop or PC etc.

  • Account Credit
  • Recent Calls
  • Transaction History
  • Historic Call Records
  • Recent Call History
  • International Call Rates
  • Register Own Phone Numbers
  • Download Desktop App
  • Download Smartphone App
  • Register 3rd Party Hardware
  • Low Credit Balance Warning
  • Roaming Access Numbers

justphone Mobile App

The justphone app is linked to the just-VOIP US$ Calling Account and uses a great many features available with new 21st Century Technology.

It is available from Google Playstore (Android smart phones) and Apple iTunes (iphones) 

It can also be used with selected other smartphones – please contact us if you have a query

  • Import Contact List
  • Free Messaging
  • Video
  • Call Recording
  • Call Rates
  • Call History
  • VoiceMail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Personal Number

your dialler smartphone app

Your Dialler is a highly rated Smartphone App used with the just-VOIP Euro Calling Account and available for Download from Google Playstore (Android Phones) and Apple iTunes (iPhones).

The Video explains how to locate and add the Your Dialler software (Mobile Dialler app) to your phone.

  • Account Balance
  • Dialpad for Calls
  • Add Caller ID
  • Last Call Analysis
  • Call Records
  • Contact List
  • Volume Control

just-VOIP Softphone or Desktop App

This Video shows how to locate and download the desktop app for the just-VOIP Euro Calling Account.

Once downloaded and installed on the desktop (PC, Laptop Tablet etc) the Video explains how calls are made using the built-in dialpad.

  • Call History
  • Call Rates
  • Credit Balance
  • Upload Contacts
  • Language Choice
  • Dial Pad